Transparen LCD Modules

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Product description

Transparent LCD-Technology offers an innovative solution for displaying digital information on a glass front while the viewer can see the object through the glass pane. The digital content on the glass front ‘merges’, so to speak, with the object behind the glass pane. Transparent LCD monitors have no backlight and do not require a colour filter. In contrast to transparent OLED technology, transparent LCD modules require an additional ‘strong’ LED light source to illuminate the objects and a bright background to increase contrast and readability. The transparent LCD modules are designed for integration into a customised display case. An additional touch screen can be used as an option.

Areas of application: Shop windows, showcases, advertising and information boards, augmented reality, transport, building technology, digital signage, etc.


- Wow factor

 - Additional benefit of a glass pane

 - Information can be displayed


 - additional backlighting

 - bright background to increase contrast and brightness

 - lower light transmittance


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