UHD Mediaplayer Movebox Wifi

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Product description

The new network-compatible movebox UHD 1000 media player is a proprietary development of Crystal Display Electronics AG and was developed for maintenance-free continuous operation and the integration of interactive video installations. It convinces with its brilliant 4K HDR video output (60 frames per second - resolution 3840x2160 pixels), its multiple control options and its synchronisation capability even during operation. For the implementation of multi-screen projections or complex video walls, up to 255 media players can be synchronised with each other in up to ten groups with frame accuracy. An integrated FTP server allows automated content updates via the network. The web browser supports HTML5 websites with embedded 4K video, Javascript, etc. Micro SDHC memory cards or USB sticks can be used as storage media. A special feature of the movebox UHD 1000 media player is its versatile connectivity: USB, RJ45, RS232, headphone ports, etc. With the proven playlist, complex and time-controlled processes can be programmed. Applications: Video walls, touch-screen kiosks, theme parks, video art, digital signage, museums and corporate information systems, etc.

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