Directional Speaker RL110-perZonic

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Product description

The actively controlled irectional speaker RL 110 perZonic is a patented speaker system that has been developed for the targeted acoustic irradiation of confined listening areas with minimum sound escaping into the wider environment. The RL 110 perZonic is equipped with automatic volume control that adjusts the level of the signal to the ambient noise. This enables the speaker to reach the required volume in the listening zone even under different conditions and with fluctuating audience numbers. At the same time, it also ensures the level does not disrupt the quieter surroundings. This means that people in the listening zone can clearly hear the sound without causing disruption to personnel and visitors nearby. The RL 110 perZonic achieves this directed dispersion through a supercardioid pattern across the entire frequency range. For optimum results, the distance between the speaker and listener should be as short as possible. The regulation can be set anywhere between 0 and 100 %, as can the attack and release times. The controls are located at the rear along with the mono-cinch input, volume control, the power LED and the connector for the external power supply. MP3 players and computers can be directly connected thanks to the high input sensitivity (-6 dBU).

Additional Product Information

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