Directional Speaker RL110 AX

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Product description

The RL 110 AX active directional speaker features an integrated motion sensor and supercardioid pattern for the targeted acoustic irradiation of confined listening areas. The RL 110 AX switches itself on automatically as soon as anyone approaches it from the front. At the same time, an isolated contact closes and can then be used to control an external media player. A follow-up time of 1 – 1024 seconds can be set for the audio signal. If required, the RL 110 AX can also be switched to continuous operation.

The RL 110 AX has four operating modes:
• PLAY FILE ONCE: The entire audio file is played and can only be restarted once it is finished.
• EXTEND PLAY: Speaker activity is extended every time movement is detected.
• ONLY SPEAKER SWITCHED: Speaker operating time is controlled by the sensor; the isolated contact is permanently closed.
• CONTINUOUS: Permanent operation

The speaker is either suspended from the ceiling or attached to the wall with our WH 110 l-bracket and directed towards the listening zone. For optimum results, the distance between the speaker and listener should be as short as possible. The integrated amplifier has 20 watts power and an automatic switch ON (auto ON/OFF). A stereo-cinch input, volume control, Power LED and connections for external players are located on the rear. MP3 players and computers can be directly connected thanks to the high input sensitivity.

Additional Product Information

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